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How not to get recruited

Club tourneys and recruiting events seem to always be in full swing, despite the time of year. It’s getting incredibly competitive as there are more and more kids playing and training at high levels. Normally I give advice on what to do, but...

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Top Lacrosse Recruiting Camps

While you want to impress as many lacrosse coaches as possible, the number of camps nationwide continues to grow and choosing the right ones to attend can be an overwhelming process. Here is a list of the Top 7 recruiting lacrosse camps to help you...

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Play Multiple Sports

Multi-sport athletes are 70%-90% less likely to suffer an injury than players who only play one sport. Children who specialize in one sport at an early age have a far greater risk for burnout due to stress, decreased motivation, and lack of...

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Recruiting Process

The college sports recruiting process is an exhilarating and time-sensitive journey that aspiring student-athletes undertake in pursuit of their dreams to compete in lacrosse at the collegiate level. In this dynamic and highly competitive process,...


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